…is even worse than normal for keeping this blog up to date. So, a quick post-summer, back-to-school round-up…

  • Firstly, thanks to an excellent group of Master students taking our Master module on the Evolution of Behaviour this year, including another industrious but highly enjoyable two-week field trip to Greece.
  • A belated thank you to Paula Stockley for coming to visit Bielefeld in July, and giving a brilliant Evolution seminar on female competition in mammals – great to see you Paula!
  • A similarly-tardy thanks to Jens Ehmcke for inviting me to visit Münster to give a seminar in their Neue Ansätze in der Experimentellen Forschung series at the Central Animal Facility of the Medical Faculty.
  • Thanks to everyone who organised the recent ISBE in New York; and especially to Jen Perry and Stu Wigby for putting together a great first-day symposium on Ejaculate-mediated behaviour and evolution.
  • And finally congratulations and thanks to Franziska Schröder and Marten Linder, both of whom completed Bachelor theses in my lab this summer, on projects examining the quantitative genetics of sex allocation and molecular evolution of reproductive genes, respectively – well done both of you!

Photo credit: Unsplash (CC0)


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